Prices to fit all budgets

We strive to keep our prices affordable for anyone and everyone, starting at just $5 for a small piece up to $100 for our extravagant pieces. We keep an average price of $25 and do our best to have something in that rage in each category of item.

Please feel free to check out our online shop HERE

With over 150 different pieces to choose from, we like to think there’s something for everyone.

  • Mugs Basic mugs, animal mugs, travel mugs, etc.
    $18 - $35
  • Bowls Cereal bowls, pasta bowls, pet dishes, serving bowls, etc.
    $18 - $45
  • Plates Dessert plates, small dishes, baby plates, square plates, dinner plates, etc.
    $12 - $40
  • Platters Chip & dip platters, round, oval, square platters, sushi platters, etc.
    $40 - $95
  • Teapots & Pitchers Milk jugs, teapots, pitchers, etc. (most tea pots are $40)
    $20 - $45
  • Picture Frames Message frames (for hand prints), etc.
    $35 - $45
  • Piggy Banks Pigs, dinos, unicorns, motorcycles, hockey pucks, kitties, robots, etc.
    $25 - $90
  • Boxes Jewelry boxes, heart boxes, star boxes, plain boxes, etc.
    $15 - $30
  • Tiles & Plaques Small, medium and large tiles, wall plaques, etc.
    $5 - $30
  • Figurines Cats, dogs, horses, unicorns, birds, frogs, fairies, owls, monsters, dinos, dragons, flowers, etc.
    $10 - $30

Note that all prices are all-inclusive (including unlimited paint and painting time), before tax, and are subject to change without notice

Looking for more?

We also have vases, cookie jars, menorahs, creamer and sugar bowl, key holders, pendants, ornaments… you get the picture. Every few weeks a new order is coming in, so check out our Facebook page for updates or drop by the store to check it out!

Our stock varies week to week, and we cannot guarantee that we will have any particular item at any time. We try very hard to maintain a wide variety of pieces to choose from, but as some parts of the process are out of our control, please be prepared to be flexible with your choices.